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7 things you (probably) didn't know about 'Edward Scissorhands'

CineFix has compiled seven things you (probably) didn't know about Edward Scissorhands — from which cast members couldn't wear wigs, to how Tim Burton's couch was used and why the movie was shot...

Ibtihaj Muhammad Didn't Win a Gold Medal Today, but She Has Won Something Even Bigger

I don't think I've ever rooted for a U.S. Olympic athlete to win a gold medal more than today when Ibtihaj Muhammad began her quest for victory in the women's individual sabre fencing competition. And...

Jeremy Slater Didn't Really Want To Make a New <i>Exorcist</i>, Except Now He Did

As a major fan of the 1973 film The Exorcist, Jeremy Slater says the last thing he'd want to watch is a lame remake. He's optimistic the new Exorcist he has created and written for Fox is neither....

Olympic swimmer Peaty 'didn't like water' as a child

Adam Peaty's grandmother, Mavis Williams, has told the BBC that Adam Peaty, didn't like the water as a child.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Cara Delevingne

This week, the cast of Suicide Squad gave new meaning to the phrase #SquadGoals when they came out in full force to promote the film on every red carpet from New York to London. Cara Delevingne, who s...

Did Neanderthals Die Because They Didn’t Have Jackets? It’s Complicated

A new paper suggests that Neanderthals, unlike humans, never figured out how to make coats to stay warm, and that the absence of this technological innovation contributed to their eventual demise. It’...

Nike Didn’t Design Its Insane $1,200 Sunglasses for Mortals

If the features on these sunglasses sound like overkill to you, it's because they 100% are. The post Nike Didn't Design Its Insane $1,200 Sunglasses for Mortals appeared first on WIRED.

Sorry, Folks. The LHC Didn’t Find a New Particle After All

Physicists keeping on trying to prove the Standard Model wrong, and they keep failing. The post Sorry, Folks. The LHC Didn't Find a New Particle After All appeared first on WIRED.

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