Today in the city Dayton 18.01.2019
New jobs that didn't exist before and pay 50 percent more

Technology is not only significantly changing the way we work, it is opening up new full-time careers and lucrative ‘spot’ opportunities – like these 5 new jobs, all of which are directly created beca...

Bernie Sanders apologizes, says he didn’t know about $30,000 settlement of 2016 campaign staffer accused of sexual harassment

“When we talk about ending sexism, and ending all forms of discrimination, those beliefs cannot just be words,” the senator, a potential 2020 White House candidate, said Thursday.

Amazon CEO Bezos reportedly didn't have a prenup, dating L.A. TV anchor-helicopter pilot

Amazon CEO and founder Jeff Bezos and wife MacKenzie's divorce announcement was reportedly timed to the release of photos of Bezos with another woman.

Carville: Dems Shouldn't Have Done Response - Trump 'Didn't Want to Be There'

On Tuesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “11th Hour,” Democratic strategist James Carville criticized President Trump’s speech from the Oval Office, saying that he’s been...

Trump reportedly didn't even want to give his primetime address on border security and thought it was pointless

President Donald Trump reportedly didn't want to give his televised address on border security on Tuesday, and thought it was pointless. He also doesn't want to visit the US-Mexico border on Thursday,...

10 things you probably didn't know about Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock recently starred in Netflix's popular horror film "Bird Box." This is far from the actress's first film — she has 57 acting credits to her name.  She won an Oscar for her lea...

Paul Manafort's lawyers tried to redact a court filing but it didn't work. Oops.

Paul Manafort's defense shot itself in the foot a bit when, in filing Manafort's response to claims made by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, it didn't properly redact sections of the submission —...

U.S. Downgraded E.U.’s Diplomatic Status (but Didn’t Say Anything)

The Trump administration didn’t formally announce the move or tell the bloc, which was left to figure it out on its own.

Elizabeth Warren didn't miss her presidential moment. Win or lose, 2020 is her time.

America needs a counterweight to Trump values and a playing field tilting once again in favor of the rich and powerful. Warren is the perfect foil.

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